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Cardiovascular Disease in England

🏨 In 2019/20: 1 million hospital admissions for CVD in England,

🛌🏻 Leading to 5.5 million bed days.

⚖️ CVD is among the largest contributors to health inequalities, accounting for one-fifth of the life expectancy gap between most and least deprived communities

🙎🏾‍♂️People from South Asian and Black groups have the highest risk of CVD.

🚫 Modifiable risk factors explain 90% of CVD incidence

🪦 Up to 80% of premature deaths from CVD are preventable.

❤‍🩹 🧠🦵🏽CVD costs NHS ~ £7.4 billion & UK economy ~£15.8 billion a year

1️⃣ in 6️⃣people will have a stroke

& 👥 Social care costs to the UK economy for stroke survivors are ~ £5.2 billion a year

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