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Our Deep End passion for

Workforce & Wellbeing

Joy at work.  This more about 'surviving' at work, considering your next career move, or just scraping by from one holiday to another. This is about intentionally moving to a position in which you & your staff begin to THRIVE at work - to even find JOY! 

This takes effort, but will be worth create advantages not only to your staff, but importantly also improves patient safety & experience. Read below to learn how to move that amygdala from ,stress, to best. 

Great Reads

"Joy in work is more than just the absence of burnout or an issue of individual wellness; it is a system property. It is generated (or not) by the system and occurs (or not) organization-wide. Joy in work — or lack thereof — not only impacts individual staff engagement and satisfaction, but also patient experience, quality of care, patient safety, and organizational performance."  IHI Framework for Improving Joy in Work

Great Listens

We love the podcasts

Here are some examples: 

Episode 122: How to be Happy at Work with Sarah Metcalfe

Episode 129: How to Cope with Trauma on the Frontline with Dr Caroline Walker

Episode 109: Is It Possible To Have Fun At Work? with Dr Kathryn Owler

Great Watchs  am not sure this is even a word?

Breathing Slowly: 

Reduce stress & anxiety by promoting slow & even breathing

Mindfulness & meditation: 

Take a few minutes in your day to 're-set' your brain

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