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Climate & Environmental Sustainability

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In 2021 the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared "climate change to be the single biggest health threat facing humanity". WHO is working on a number of different initiatives to help support countries in building climate-resilient health systems. To learn more about their global response to climate change, with  to help limit the social and environmental determinants of health, click on the link provided

Our Deep End passion for

Climate & Environmental Sustainability

Health inequalities are exacerbated by the climate crisis. People in the most socio-economically deprived areas of the East of England will bear the greatest burden of harms. We look at some of the issues being faced by our population and what practices can be doing to help limit those harms.


Greener Practice

Greener Practice are a network of people encouraging action on sustainability in primary care, by providing information, convening groups to share learning and speaking up on the national stage. Their website is an invaluable resource and can be found by clicking the link below

      The Inverse Climate Law

The wealthiest 10% of the global population are responsible for 50% of all global consumption-related emissions. Those least likely to account for emissions are the most likely to to affected by them.

Dr Julian Tudor Hart’s "inverse care law" outlined that availability of good medical or social care varies inversely with need. The ‘inverse climate law’ describes where those at greatest risk of the climate crisis lack resources and are least resilient to it, due to pre-existing societal inequality as a whole.

To learn more click below

Greener NHS Programme

The NHS has committed to reducing its Carbon Footprint, with the aim of delivering a Net Zero service by 2040

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We would love to hear about what action you are currently involved in to make your practice more sustainable. Please do contact us and let us know!

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