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Trailblazer Deprivation Fellowship Scheme

What is the Trailblazer Deprivation Fellowship Scheme?

The Trailblazer Deprivation Fellowship Scheme is running throughout the East of England to help support newly qualified GPs (< 5 years) to work in practices in areas of socio-economic deprivation. It aims to give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to practice in challenging environments and to reduce health inequalities, improving care for patients who live in poverty and/or belong to marginalised groups.

What is FairHealth?

Teaching sessions on relevant topics are run nationally by FairHealth. FairHealth is a charity offering free courses, e-learning materials and podcasts all designed to enable healthcare professionals develop their understanding of health inequalities and develop skills when working in areas of deprivation.

FairHealth sessions tend to run monthly for Trailblazer Fellows and are a great opportunity for East of England fellows to meet other Fellows from around the country. It’s an excellent way to discuss what challenges they may be facing as GP’s working in deprived areas, develop a network and share ideas about tackling health inequalities.


Some example topics that FairHealth cover include: substance misuse; social prescribing; chronic pain; prison medicine; homelessness and modern slavery (to name a few).

For more information about what FairHealth offer 

What can I expect as a Trailblazer Deprivation Fellow?

The participating GP would need to be available on Fridays when mandatory national and regional training is scheduled.

Trailblazer fellows are expected to participate in a project/s throughout the year of their choosing. This can be at a surgery, local or national level. It can be about any subject related to health inequalities/deprivation, and preferably something they find enjoyable and engaging! Support from your cohort is encouraged and there is time set aside to seek advice from your new colleagues.

How can I apply?

The second round of the East of England fellowship is underway, with the current cohort of 6 GP’s commending in April 2022. There is a second intake for the current cohort currently underway, with 5 more fellowships being offered for October 2022 - APPLY NOW!

Funding for the scheme comes from Health Education England and for more information about the fellowship, as well as how to apply, please 

If you have any further questions about the fellowship scheme, please contact

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