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Our Deep End passion for

Education & Training

Work can be challenging, especially in the Deep End. Education of ourselves & our staff help to improve our knowledge & confidence, allows personal growth & career development, helps us to understand problems & develop critical thinking skills. All of which help us to move from a 'survive' or 'stress' response to a position in which we can 'thrive' at work. This supports retention & recruitment and ensure enjoyable & thus sustainable healthcare is provided for all communities.


We love our friends at FairHealth - a charity offering free courses,  elearning, blogs, a podcast and much more. All designed to enable healthcare professionals to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to work in areas of deprivation, with marginalised patients, and to reduce inequalities!


A scheme for Salaried GPs in their First Five years (or more if parental leave taken etc) who are keen to learn how to best support their patients who live in some our most deprived & challenged communities. This scheme developed by Deep End: Scotland & then by our Deep End: Yorkshire & Humber colleagues ensures that Salaried GPs can be recruited or retained to remain in their practice, PAID for ONE DAY of training per week for ONE YEAR!

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